Say Thank You


“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

William Arthur Ward

The Thank You Event wants to take our need to say ‘thanks’ to a whole new level, and we need your help.

Our emergency service workers need support. Every day they do their jobs – saving lives, changing lives – and because of the nature of their role, they rarely receive a personal, heartfelt “thanks” from the people who they have helped.

So, the aim of The Thank You Event is to allow you to say ‘thank you’. More importantly however, our goal is to provide the space for you to say thank you in a meaningful way, which suits you, your family and friends, or your community.

The Thank You Event makes saying “thank you” to your emergency service workers simple and more meaningful.

Let's build the Wall of Gratitude.

We understand that sometimes, especially after life-changing experiences, people want to express their appreciation on a grand scale…. just like us… and share yourself and your gratitude with the whole world!

The Thank You Event allows you to share your story, and express your gratitude with others by posting your message on our website and social media.

Naturally your personal details will be 100% confidential, if you choose.

(Please remember that emergency service workers will remain anonymous across all letters and messages, unless approved by them).