Search by Emergency Service

Across Australia there are literally hundreds of emergency service organisations dedicated to saving lives.

... so knowing who they all are is very important to us, and lies at the heart of The Thank You Event’s purpose. Quite simply, we want to thank all emergency service workers, and make it more meaningful and easier for you to thank them too.

Our definition of an emergency, and that of an emergency service provider is rather complex. But essentially, The Thank You Event defines an emergency service provider as one who works at the 'coal face' or front-line of an emergency, in uncontrolled environments, and whose primary purpose is to protect life and livelihood. This means, that an emergency service not only refers to government-type entities (Paramedic, Police, Fire Protection and State-based Emergency Services), but also includes volunteer groups, not-for-profits, telephony services and organisations that service private enterprise.

So if we’ve left someone out, please let us know so we can explore their organisation, and be recognised along with all emergency service workers, and have them feel proud of the contribution they make.

(A kind reminder that we are not affiliated with any emergency service. All links and information within the TTYE website are accessible via normal internet search, and have been provided simply to direct you to those emergency services you wish to explore and support, with a view to saying 'thank you'.)