Who we are

We Create a Space for People to Say Thank You


Simply, the purpose of The Thank You Event is to create the space for people to say ‘thank you’ to our emergency service workers in a really meaningful way.

You see, in some way, we are all connected to the actions of our emergency services. Whether it is through our own personal experience or that of a loved one, all of us at some stage have been impacted by the care of our emergency service workers. Once our lives have been transformed in this way, we often feel the need to reach out and say thank you for their unforgettable act. However finding the most meaningful way to say ‘Thank You’ can often be the hardest part.

The Thank You Event allows people from all communities to really capture the essence of saying thank you, to express their gratitude and to celebrate those emergency service workers who dedicate their lives to being there for us during times of urgent need.

The Thank You Event vision is to ensure that emergency service workers are recognised by the community for the amazing work they do, and have them feel proud of what they do.

We believe this is necessary for several reasons:

  • Communities currently do not have a path to thank the emergency service people who have helped them – certainly not in a meaningful way that is equal to the gravity of the work they do, nor equal to the positive impact they have had on our lives.
  • Our community has few reflections of the things that we should be proud of. We need more positive reflections of who we are and why we are ‘the lucky country’ – celebrating our greatness and remember that in an emergency, there is no discrimination.
  • Simply, because we’re proud of them, and so The Thank You Event has become something we need to do!