Our people

Jason-1.jpgJason Quick – Founder & Director

I’m an adventurer at heart. My daughters Willow and Henrietta love it when I go skydiving, cave diving or mountaineering; my wife Ruth...not so much.  Yet no matter what the challenge, I love finding out what is possible, by making a difference with others, for others.

I qualified as a paramedic in 2005, and have worked as both an Advanced Life Support paramedic, and Intensive Care paramedic in Melbourne. I hold several graduate qualifications, in which my most recent was a Masters Degree in Public Health that focuses on contemporary and whole-systems governance.

Since 2009 I have lectured in Paramedicine within several Universities across Australia. This has been a fantastic experience, helping new students fulfill their career dreams by becoming awesome paramedics.

I have always believed in the power of acknowledgment, and how it can transform lives, for both the giver and receiver. I founded The Thank You Event as a way to bridge the gap between the life-saving actions of our emergency service workers and the positive, life-changing impact they have on people and communities.
Jason's story

David-1.jpgDavid Furniss – Director Business Development

My life was changed forever in 1985, when I watched heart breaking images of the Ethiopian famine on the television. From that moment, I knew that my life would involve a desire to right injustice and help people when I could.

So, three decades later, I have more than 20 years of experience working in overseas aid, cancer related causes, animal welfare and health. It has been challenging, testing and incredibly rewarding.

Jason and I share a love of the outdoors and adventure, and while we were planning a winter hike one day he spoke to me over a beer about his vision for The Thank You Event. Quite simply, I was captured by his enthusiasm and I            knew that I had to be involved.

Clearly, one of the benefits of The Thank You Event is that the value of emergency service workers will be acknowledged by Aussies who have had their lives changed. However, I was drawn to the notion that there are thousands of people across Australia who have never had the chance to personally thank the people who assisted them, they have an unfulfilled desire to shake an emergency worker by the hand and say a heartfelt ‘thanks mate’.

That’s why I love The Thank You Event; it will change the lives of emergency workers AND those who they have saved!